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Most households have some kind of air conditioning or HVAC unit in their homes these days to combat the sweltering summer heat.
An effectively functional AC unit can help keep the air cool and comfortable throughout your entire home. But, is your AC unit running at optimal efficiency?

Whether your air conditioning unit is new or old, there are certain factors that can cause your AC to perform at mediocre or unacceptable levels.

Air Conditioner Performance Brampton

Some factors that can affect your AC’s performance, might be:
Age of the unit
Regular wear and tear
Dirty coils
Duct leaks
Defective thermostat

Age of the AC Unit

The age of your air conditioner will likely have a direct impact on its performance. An Older unit will need more maintenance and repairs to keep it working at an acceptable level.

Regular Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is an avoidable effect of any piece of machinery or device over time. This wear and tear can be balanced out with consistent AC maintenance.

An AC unit that has not been properly maintained is much more likely to develop problems that require repair. These issues often start out small at first, but can quickly escalate into bigger, more expensive problems if not addressed in a timely fashion.

Dirty Coils

As time goes on, dirt and grime will accumulate on the evaporator and condenser coils. When this build up of dirt occurs, it makes the unit have to work that much harder to transfer heat.  Regular maintenance and timely repairs for your AC coils will help the system run more efficiently. Consistently changing the air filter will also help with efficiency.

Duct Leaks

Any cracks, holes, or disconnected sections of your duct work can cause problems for your AC unit. Leaks in the duct work can result in two problems for your air conditioner. First of all, the cool air meant to cool your house is escaping. Secondly, warm is entering the ducts and being fed into your home. Leaks can also allow dirt, dust, and allergens into the system which get spread around your house.

Defective Thermostat

Whether you have your thermostat fixed at an inappropriate setting, or the thermostat itself is defective, the results are the same: an inefficient AC unit. The lower the thermostat setting, the more energy required to make your AC unit run. If you have the thermostat set to the lowest temp thinking that is the best way to cool your home, then it is likely that lots of energy and money are being wasted.
An HVAC professional can assist with recommended thermostat settings for your space.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Repair Brampton

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There are many advantages to regular maintenance and timely repairs for your AC unit. Some of the greatest benefits, are:
Better air quality
Reduced humidity
Pest prevention
Controlled thermostat
Better Air Quality

When it comes to effective air conditioning, it is not just the temperature of the air that is important, but also the quality.
An optimally functioning AC unit will help ensure the air in your home is both cool and clean. Clean coils and air filters help prevent dust, pollen, allergens, and other contaminants from getting into your house, reducing the risk of illness and disease.

Reduced Humidity

A well maintained air conditioner not only serves the purpose of delivering cold air to your home, but also reducing the humidity of the air within your space. As summer wears on, and humidity levels start to become unbearable, you want to make sure your AC unit is ready to offer the ultimate comfort by decreasing humidity.

Pest Prevention

The duct work for your AC unit can act as an ideal entry point for a wide variety of pests that want to get into your house for food and comfort. Regular maintenance can help reduce pests with thorough inspections. Consistent check ups means that pests in your AC are much less likely to go undetected. Any holes or cracks that pests may get into can be effectively sealed and repaired by an HVAC professional.

Controlled Thermostat

Making sure your thermostat is in good working order is essential to a controlled AC unit. This can help provide more regulated temperatures, improved efficiency, and reduced energy costs.