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Remember the time you were taught “bigger is better”, yeah, tell that to smartphone battery makers or laptop manufacturers. It’s not that we were taught wrong, its that the rules and the thinking should and will change over the time.

In the same way, the rules regarding the energy conservation for the houses is also changing with the advent of new technologies. If we look at the energy saving tips given by experts 5 to 6 years ago, duct sealing was not mentioned anywhere. It’s not that experts didn’t know that leaks in the ductwork were the single biggest source of home energy waste. It’s just that there really wasn’t an effective solution to the problem. And we resigned to live in a world where almost 30% of energy is lost in duct leaks, if not more.

Now that Aeroseal technology has arrived, the answer seems almost obvious. But it took real innovative thinking to literally flip the problem inside out in order to solve the puzzle. While traditional duct sealing methods work by covering leaks from the outside of the ductwork, the new approach would be the first and only solution to seal leaks from inside the ducts. If you could get small enough “sealers” to work inside the ducts, the entire system would be accessible. Walls and insulation would no longer be a concern.

Times change and innovations often reset the rules of the game. That is certainly the case when it comes to energy efficiency. With effective duct sealing technology, a reality, duct sealing has quickly risen to the top of the list of things we can do to reduce energy costs. It’s easy to have done, it’s highly effective and it provides one of the fastest ROI’s you’ll find for any home improvement project. Something to consider the next time you’re putting on a sweater and lowering the thermostat.

So, if you feel that savings in your energy bills is something that you want and also wants to enjoy the other benefits of the patented sealing process, give us a call, and ask for a quotation, maybe this was the day you were waiting.

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