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Advantages Of Furnace Maintenance And Repair


  • When potential problems are identified during regular service, further damage is prevented.
  • Annual inspection of the heat exchanger is an important safety measure.
  • Clean, properly-adjusted equipment requires less fuel to generate more heat, conserving energy, reducing operating costs, and increasing comfort.
  • Conscientious troubleshooting in the fall allows plenty of time to replace any faulty parts, and prepare for the winter workload.
  • A system that is operating in optimum condition resists wear and tear and will last longer.
  • By verifying the functionality of the thermostat, energy waste and unnecessarily high running costs are prevented.
  • Cleaning blowers and removing dust buildup safeguards against overheating, possible cracks in the heat exchanger, and risk of carbon monoxide and a broken furnace on a cold winter night.
  • Faulty electrical connections are easily corrected, but if neglected, may present a fire hazard.
  • Indoor Air Quality is enhanced by clean, properly operating HVAC systems.
  • For newer equipment, annual professional furnace service and maintenance is often a requirement of warranty coverage.
  • Regular filter changes are absolutely essential to the performance and longevity of your heating equipment.