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The new year is approaching and you are still wondering whether you should get your ducts cleaned or not. Even though its tough to see inside of the ducts and see the things hiding in there, for example, moulds, pet hair, fungus or construction debris. But, there are other ways to judge and save your self from inhaling all this dirty air.

  1. Remove the vent cover on a few supply vents, do you see dirt in there, if yes then you definitely have your ducts cleaned.
  2. Look at the return vent covers, if there is a buildup of dirt, particularly thick, fuzzy coatings of dust, this is an indicator that a Duct Cleaning is required.
  3. Pull the filter. Judging from the condition of the filter, this could be a telltale sign a Duct Cleaning is required. If you find it’s clogged with dust, your airflow is likely being blocked off, which causes dust to build up in the return ductwork.
  4. If you recently have any major renovation done in your house during the holiday season.

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