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Need an air conditioner service? Contact us today to get an expert advice. We provide repair and maintenance services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville and throughout the Greater Toronto Region. Our licensed A/C technicians are on call to provide the help you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a broad range of quality service parts, the cooling specialists from Furnace & AC Experts gets to the bottom of even the most challenging problems and delivers accurate solutions that meet your long-term expectations.


Our team believe in quality repair service of air conditioners. Our team perform the necessary troubleshooting, adjustments and cleaning that allows your air conditioner living up to your expectations for comfort, efficiency, sound levels, and reliability. Your system will last longer, resist wear, and provide a healthier, more refreshing indoor environment during those long hot days of summer.  Whether you’re confronted with a cooling malfunction or looking to optimize the performance of your air conditioner, Furnace & AC Solutions delivers convenient and affordable services.


  • A stuck compressor
    A scenario where the thermostat calls for cooling, but the compressor won’t start. To confirm the problem, you should look at the stat when it goes above the set point, and you hear the ‘click’ then you know its asking for cooling. Outside you can usually hear a (different) ‘click’ but it’s not accompanied by the low vibration which is actually the compressor in operation. This normally means that your compressor has to be replaced and its a sign that Air Conditioner also has a limited life left.
  • Refrigerant Low
    To check if there are not enough refrigerant gases in the loop from the outdoor unit to indoor coil, you may see the unit running but it is not making any cold air. There can be just a slow leak that has happened over time, normally our technician is able to top up the refrigerant right away and get you back running. But, if it is a hole (rust, accident, corrosion) then you have a bigger issue, we try our best to repair the hole and get you back in business fairly quickly but frequently these holes are in areas that it are impossible to solder.If later us the case, the entire coil can be replaced but that usually takes a couple of weeks (days at least) and if you get this it is usually a sign that your AC is nearing its end.
  • Furnace Fans
    The Air Conditioner can only remove warm air and humidity if there is a constant supply of air across the “A Coil” inside the furnace. If the thermostat calls for cooling, you can hear the compressor starting up but do not hear the air moving through the furnace, nor do you feel any air coming through the ducts nearest the furnace, then your problem is with the furnace not the Air Conditioner. Usually, this means that the fan motor on the furnace is shot – something that can be both easily and quickly fixed, BUT also a sign that your furnace is approaching the end of its life.
  • Exhaust Fans
    When the thermostat asks for cooling and the compressor starts up and blows cold air, but for only a brief period of time and then shuts off, it can be a number of things including the exhaust fan. The refrigerant gas doesn’t have a chance to cool off enough to be able to absorb the heat and humidity indoors. This problem can be easily and quickly fixed.


  • The majority of repairs are prevented by seasonal upkeep.
  • Regular cleaning of the blower’s fan blades restores airflow and efficiency and keeps operational sound to a minimum.
  • Professional cleaning eliminates and resists the growth of black mold in contaminated cooling vents.
  • Polluted cooling systems have been linked to respiratory infections and aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma.
  • Replacing a clogged filter reduces the energy consumption of the average cooling unit by 5% to 15%.
  • By verifying the condition of fins on evaporator and condenser coils, proper airflow is maintained.
  • Cleaning of drain channels eliminates the organic growth, such as algae and mold, which can lead to moisture damage, due to overflow and leakage.
  • Preserving components and replacing faulty parts adds years to operational life.
  • A clean, well-adjusted system requires less energy and costs less to operate.
  • Timely service allows plenty of time for any required replacement parts to be ordered and installed.
  • For newer systems, a record of professional service meets the requirements of warranty coverage.
  • A system that is running at peak capacity, provides superior comfort.

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