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Unico Duct System

Why get a Unico System?

You’ve put your central core into reestablishing your exemplary home. Or then again maybe you and your architects are pushing limits, reclassifying style in making your custom home. In either case, you don’t need introducing central heating and cooling system to trade off the ideal lines and spaces.

Rather than ordinary ventilation work, adaptable supply tubing is fitted into existing divider pits, roofs or floors. Measured air handlers—sufficiently little to fit into storage rooms, lofts, roofs, slither spaces or storm cellars—are sufficiently great to successfully circle air all through your home. Despite the fact that its impression is little, the Unico System conveys an indistinguishable level of cooling from a customary framework three times its size.

What makes the Unico system?

First, you have the Unico System Air Handler, which typically includes the blower and coil. We also offer an inline duct heater which can either be used as the primary heat source or as a supplement to another heat option. Next is the main plenum which is what feeds air throughout the home. The supply tubes then come off of the main plenum to the individual rooms finally terminating into the room from the outlets, which come in a variety of colors and finishes.